Past Events - Pam Shein - Psychoanalyst - Impact of the Absent Object

Date: Saturday 9th March 2019

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Venue: St John of God Conference Centre - Subiaco, Auditorium - 3rd Floor, 25 McCourt St.

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Sydney Psychoanalyst, Pam Shein, presented on -

"The Journey of a Young Child who is Unable to Bear the Impact of an 'Absent Object'"

Pam's paper explored the experience of a young child in psychoanalysis who was unable to tolerate the impact of the absent object. It prematurely shattered the illusion that the baby and breast are one. To cope with this rupture she substituted the lack of a containing function with omnipotent defenses to help her survive. 

The paper described how the psychoanalytical setting provided an experience of containment to enable the necessary psychic changes to occur and how the transference was an essential part of the process of getting to know this little girl’s inner life and to help her become known to herself.