Dr Eng Kong TAN

Date: Saturday 31st August and half day Sunday 1st September

Time: Various

Venue: Esplanade Hotel

Price: TBA

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Dr Eng Kong TAN

Dr Eng
 Kong TAN
Sydney based Psychiatrist & Analytic Psychotherapist

Dr Tan will be in Perth for two APPWA sponsored events on Saturday August 31st 
and Sunday 1st September 2019.

DR ENG-KONG TAN MBBS,MPM,FRANZCP is a medical practitioner, consultant psychiatrist and analytic psychotherapist. He established a group practice, Metta Clinic, consisting of psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors in the North Shore of Sydney more than 40 years ago.       

Dr Tan was a former Chairman of Training to the PPAA and Chair to the Section of Psychotherapy of the FRANZCP. He was on the Training Committee/Faculty of the NSWIPP and ANZAP.  
Eng-Kong is currently Adjunct Professor at Nan Tien Institute, Wollongong in NSW.  He is Founder President of Aust Assoc of Buddhist Counsellors & Psychotherapists (AABCAP) and its first Director of Training of its two year Professional Training Course which has just commenced in its 5th Course. 
He offers individual, couple and group psychotherapies.  He runs mindfulness, personal development and analytic groups.  He is available for individual and group supervision.
He has presented keynotes, seminars and workshops on Spirituality, Buddhism, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy in Australia and overseas.

August 31st 2019            Integrated Mindful Analytic Psychotherapy (see below for further details)
1 day Saturday seminar – 9 am to 5 pm
Morning session - Developing Evenly Suspended Attention - Intrapersonal Mindfulness for the Therapist
Afternoon session - Insightful Relating - Interpersonal Mindfulness for the Therapeutic Dyad

September 1st 2019       Spirituality and Psychotherapy (see below for further details)
Half day seminar on Sunday afternoon – 1 pm to 5 pm
1st session - The Spiritual in Psychotherapy
2nd session - Managing Spiritual Moments in Therapy

APPWA will also coordinate a number of individual and group supervision sessions with Dr Tan and information about enrolments for these will be released shortly.

Esplanade Hotel Fremantle
Rottnest and Karnac Room, Level 1  
Marrine Terrace & Essex Street, Fremantle, Western Australia 


Analytic Psychotherapy can benefit from applying Mindfulness Skills and Techniques for the Therapist, the Client and the Therapeutic Process. Clinical vignettes will be used to illustrate points raised. 

There will be time for experiencing mindfulness intrapersonally as a therapist as well as interpersonally with another in an insightful relational exercise. 

Dr. Tan will speak to how a psychotherapist practicing mindfulness meditations improves in their establishment and maintenance of an evenly suspended attention. When the therapist comes from a state of mindfulness the capacity for a necessary holding, caring and compassionate psychological posture is enhanced. Mindfulness itself helps the therapist manage challenging countertransferential moments. It contains the container. 
When the client also learns to engender and remain in mindfulness as much as possible, the therapeutic process increases in efficacy.  The collaborative co-mindfulness opens up time, space and safety  for speaking and bearing with the previously unspeakable and unbearable.  Such interpersonal mindfulness invites and sustains the deep, meaningful, and integrative analytic process. Therapeutic repair of inevitable ruptures occurs much more readily and competently. 


Spirituality is now raised and discussed much more readily in psychotherapeutic endeavours.  It is useful to consider where religion, spirituality and psychotherapy converges and diverges. In the long term deep analytic journey spiritual matters and moments inevitably arises.  Therapists need to be able to be sensitive to this and learn how to manage such vital moments without analysing it away nor trying to be a spiritual teacher for the client. There will be time in small groups to discuss and learn together this growing area in our therapeutic work. 

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