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Here you will find information about psychoanalytic psychotherapy, about APPWA and its activities, about members of APPWA, and links to bodies with which APPWA is affiliated.  APPWA organises a number of training and professional development activities for counsellors and psychotherapists. 

What is APPWA?

The Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Western Australia (APPWA) is a multi-disciplinary body of psychotherapists with advanced training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy

APPWA seeks to promote and support the highest possible standards of clinical practice, training and ethics in psychoanalytic psychotherapy in Western Australia and to this end provides continuing education and supervision for practicing psychotherapists. Find out more about APPWA or visit our list of Members.

APPWA Training and Education

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Past Events - Dr John McClean

26th October 2019
APPWA and participants enjoyed the return to Perth of Dr John McClean, a Sydney based training analyst, who presented a very accessible seminar on understanding the distinction between mourning and melancholia. The movie "Mr Holmes" was used as a catalyst to thinking about the importance of being able to re-embrace into the psyche the 'lost good objects.'

Past Events - Dr Eng-Kong TAN

Saturday 31st August and half day Sunday 1st September 2019
APPWA was delighted so many Perth colleagues were able to enjoy the nourishing experience of DR ENG-KONG TAN. Dr Tan explored how psychoanalytic psychotherapy can benefit from applying Mindfulness Skills and Techniques for the Therapist, the Client and the Therapeutic Process. Psychotherapists who practice mindfulness meditations improve their establishment and maintenance of an evenly suspended attention. It also promotes a capacity for a necessary holding, caring and compassionate psychological posture and helps the therapist manage challenging countertransferential moments.

When the client also learns to engender and remain in mindfulness as much as possible, the therapeutic process increases in efficacy. The collaborative co-mindfulness opens up time, space and safety for speaking and bearing with the previously unspeakable and unbearable. Such interpersonal mindfulness invites and sustains the deep, meaningful, and integrative analytic process. Therapeutic repair of inevitable ruptures occurs much more readily and competently.

APPWA Members

Members of APPWA are highly trained specialists in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy as a form of psychological treatment. Here we offer a brief introduction to this kind of work. More than a century ago Sigmund Freud developed his theory of the mind and of psychological treatment for disorders of the mind. There have been many developments based on his theories as clinicians build on his theory in the light of their own clinical findings. Read more about APPWA

Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Western Australia


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